DIY Christmas Wreath

How To Make A DIY Christmas Wreath For Christmas 2020

Christmas is just around the corner, and many people read their homes and their bank accounts. Most people enjoy putting up some decor for the holiday season. 

For some, that means putting up many Christmas lights, signs, blowups, blow molds, and more. However, they seek a more minimalist style in wreaths and other light holiday touches for some others. 

This leaves many people looking to create their wreaths. It’s the perfect activity to get you in the holiday season and may even help save a few dollars. 

Learn everything you need to know about making your own Christmas wreath this 2020 holiday season below! 

How To Make A DIY Christmas Wreath For Christmas 2020

How To Make A DIY Christmas Wreath For Christmas 2020

DIY Christmas Wreath
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How Do You Make a Homemade Christmas Wreath?

Those who are setting out on the DIY path of making their wreath this Christmas season may be wondering just how they should go about it. 

There are many great ways to make a Christmas wreath using a variety of different materials. 

Some common ways to make a Christmas wreath would be: 

Ornament Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

Making an ornament wreath is a fun and easy way to make a Christmas wreath for the 2020 holiday season. 

To make this wreath, you’ll need a wreath form. Usually, a foam option will do just fine. You’ll also need a lot of bulb Christmas ornaments. 

Round, unbreakable ornaments work best, but you’re welcome to get creative. 

Lastly, you’ll need a hot glue gun. Begin to glue the ornaments onto the form, clustering the ornaments outward and around to create a full, festive Christmas wreath. 

Fabric Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

Making a fabric wreath is another excellent option. You’ll need a wreath form, an old scarf or some fun fabric, and a glue gun, as well as any other touches you’d like to add. 

You’ll want to wrap the fabric around your form and hot glue it together and onto the form itself. There, glue any additional touches, such as bows, ribbon, an ornament, fake flowers, or more. Get creative and make what you think looks good. 

There are many different Christmas wreaths you could make easily by yourself. Consider what type of look you want and incorporate that type and look into your wreath’s final look. Some homemade wreaths will cost more than others, which brings us to the next section. 

How Do You Make a Cheap Christmas Wreath?

There are many ways to make your DIY Christmas wreath project more affordable. 

Once you’ve figured out the style, color combo, and general overall look of the wreath you’d like to make, you’ll be able to hunt out then the materials you need to make it. 

Some ways to make a cheap Christmas wreath include: 

1 – Utilize Your Dollar Stores

Your local dollar store is a great place to look for wreath making materials. At most dollar stores during the holiday season, you’ll be able to find wreath forms, ornaments, a hot glue gun, and much more. 

You’ll also be able to find plenty of cheap decorations and other things that may help you create your perfect DIY Christmas wreaths, like scissors and fake Christmas flowers. 

2 – Utilize Thrift Shops 

Utilizing your local thrift shop is another excellent resource. 

Many thrift stores will put out ornaments, knick-knacks, scarves, and Christmas-themed clothing during the holiday season. 

These things may be used to create a fun looking Christmas wreath or two at half the cost. 

3 – Consider What You Already Own

Using the items you may already have lying around your house, you could cut your wreath making costs by a lot. Have an old scarf you don’t wear anymore? 

Any old ornaments that won’t fit on the tree? Maybe you even have some ribbon or Christmas wrapping paper? All of these things can go into making a cheap Christmas wreath. 

As with anything around the holiday season, you may also want to look into deals and sales. Many craft stores will start to do 50% off sales in November, and many other stores do the same. 

Consider which items you could get on sale, and don’t be afraid to ask friends and family if they have anything they’d like to contribute to your project. 

There are plenty of ways to make your Christmas wreath without breaking the bank. 

How Do You Make a Homemade Wreath?​​​​​​​

Making a homemade wreath sounds much more daunting than it is. If you’re looking to make a wreath, whether Christmas themed or not, you’ll find many ways to do so. 

However, there are things that you’ll need no matter which type of wreath you plan on making. Some standard stuff includes a wreath form, a circle usually made of foam that acts as your primary layer for your wreath. 

These are available in multiple sizes. You may also find them in wire and other materials, though foam is the cheapest and most common. You’ll also need a glue gun and some materials that you plan on adding to your wreath. 

To make a wreath, you’ll use your glue gun to attach your desired materials to the wreath form. You’ll want to let each layer dry before adding another for the best results. 

Many people attach a hook on the back when they’re finished for easy hanging. If you’re looking to make a wreath that is winter oriented but less Christmas oriented, you may wish to consider: 

1 – Using Pine Cones

DIY Christmas Wreath

Collecting and using pine cones is not only extremely affordable but tends to look great as well. You could even add glitter or paint to the pine cones for extra winter flair. Pinecone wreaths are nice looking without being too Christmas dominated. 

2 – Using Fake Flowers

DIY Christmas Wreath

Using fake flowers is a beautiful way to make a winter-themed wreath. You may find these at thrift stores, big box stores, dollar stores, and craft stores. There are many great styles of these flowers to choose from, and all of them can make a beautiful wreath. 

3 – Use Foliage You Find Outside 

DIY Christmas Wreath

If you live near pine trees or have access to any branches, you’ll be able to make a tremendous winter-themed wreath from the old components alone. 

Adding in hints like berries (fake for longevity) and pinecones may help create a rustic winter look. You may also consider adding fabric, bells, and other winter hints. 

There are many ways to make a homemade wreath. Consider which style and type of wreath you’d like to start with. If you’re a beginner at wreath making, it’s recommended you start small, using a foam form. Get creative and enjoy yourself; there’s plenty of great ideas out there! 

What Do You Put On a Christmas Wreath?

Many people struggle with what to put on the Christmas wreath they’re making. This is especially true for those who are making more than one wreath at a time. There are many different things which one may consider putting on their Christmas wreath, such as: 

  • Ornaments: Ornaments look tremendous and add bulk and style to any DIY homemade Christmas wreath. 
  • Fake flowers: Fake flowers are cheap, and they’re easy to find. You’ll also find a lot of different styles, giving you more artistic control. They’re light, easy to work with, and look great. 
  • Fabric: Using fabric on your Christmas wreath is often preferred as it helps cover up the wreath form you’re using. Consider using old scarves, t-shirts, sweaters, or buy special fabric at a fabric or craft store specifically for your wreath. What type of material you use depends more on budget and preference than anything else. 
  • Pinecones and Foliage: Using pinecones and other scavenged foliage is a great way to add winter flair to your wreath. 
  • Glitter: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some form of glitter. Add some sparkle to your wreath by adding glitter. You may want to use your glue gun to ensure the glitter stays. 

Making a Christmas wreath is a fun process and allows the maker to get creative. Consider what type of wreath you’d like and get creative with it. 

Walkthrough your local dollar store or look online for supplies and see what you like best. A Christmas wreath can be made of nearly anything that you want it to be made from. 

Is It Cheaper to Make Your Wreath?

While most people make their own Christmas wreath because they enjoy doing so, some people do it to save money. At retail price, most store-bought wreaths range from $30 to $150. 

This is a lot of money for a wreath, especially during the holidays where money may be tight. Most people discover that depending on the materials they use, they can make their own Christmas wreath for under $30. 

Of course, your DIY wreath’s total cost depends solely on what you use when you make it and how much effort you put in when trying to find ways to cut the costs. 

However, overall, making your own Christmas wreath is usually cheaper than buying one, not only that, but it’s a lot of fun too! 

Making your own Christmas wreath is a fun, creative project that is sure to get anyone in the Christmas spirit. Consider how you’d like your wreath to look, and start collecting the items. 

Have fun with this, as that’s the most important thing of all. No matter what you use, your wreath is sure to look great, and if it doesn’t, it was probably affordable enough for you to try again. 

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