a girl putting a christmas star on a christmas tree

5 DIY Christmas Decorations For Christmas 2020

This article is about 5 DIY Christmas Decorations that you can do for Christmas 2020. These are great diy christmas decorations for home.

Making Christmas decorations at home can be fun and provide sentimental items to take out over the years. These 5 DIY Christmas decorations for the house are easy to make and do not cost a lot of money.

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5 DIY Christmas Decorations For Christmas 2020

a girl putting a christmas star on a christmas tree
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1. Oversized Balloon Ornaments

These ornaments are made from balloons, and they can stand out. They can be put on the Christmas tree or used as decorations around the home.

Orbz balloons are used, and they can be decorated with glitter, ribbon, and many other sparkly items. These balloons will not deflate, and they are not easy to pop.

They can then be placed around the home for a decorative touch. They will stay in shape for the entire holiday season.

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2. Scrabble Tile Christmas Tree

This item takes the fun of a board game and turns it into a decorative piece. You will need a blackboard or other item to make the tree.

You will then glue the scrabble tiles, starting with 11 on the bottom and decreasing the row by one until you have one tile left for the top.

You can take the time to make Christmas words or use the names of your family. At the top, you can draw or glue on a star.

This is a great personalized decoration for Christmas.

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3. Mason Jar Votives

You will need to clean out the mason jars that you have lying around. They can then be painted with a holiday theme.

You can cover one area with a Christmas Tree picture or other holiday picture while painting so that it will remain white.

You can then put a votive or tea light candle in the jar and watch it light up.

You can also get the battery operated lights so that you can leave them on during the entire holiday festivities and gatherings without worrying.

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4. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

These ornaments can be made with old cookie cutters, or they can be purchased at discount prices.

Find a nice wallpaper or other types of paper that you like and cut it out in the ornament’s shape. Glue it to the bottom.

You can also use plain paper and decorate it yourself. You can then hot glue a ribbon to the top so that you can hang their ornament around your home or on your Christmas tree.

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5. Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath

This is a great way to give a Christmas Wreath a new look and feel. You will get an embroidery hoop and the fabric of your choice.

You will glue the fabric to the back of the hoop, and then you can decorate the hoop with festive items.

This can be hung around the home. You can have a Christmas wreath but in a new shape.

These are some easy DIY decorations for Christmas. There is no need to go out and purchase fancy Christmas items. When you make your decorations, you can help build memories and display them for years to come.

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