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Designing a Feng Shui Classroom

In Feng shui, all areas have their energy fields. The best indicator to harmonize with these fields is the Bagua map.

What does the Bagua tell you according to the different zones in space? The indicators must be followed so that you are in harmony with the environment and the forces around you.

The Bagua map, as applied to a classroom, brings similar results.

Here’s how.

Designing a Feng Shui Classroom

Pay close attention to how the furniture, desks, board, tables, and chairs are arranged. The arrangements should coincide with what the Bagua map indicates.

Know that there are five essential elements in Feng shui, fire, water, earth, metal, and wood.

Once you know what the Bagua map indicates, the things you bring to the classroom and how you arrange them should harmonize with these elements.

Arranging the classroom according to what the quadrants in the octagon in the Bagua indicate will improve the results that you want to achieve in it.

However, there are occasions that you cannot arrive at an open position in the classroom that is by your Bagua Map.

This may be due to the limitation of space, the basic design and structure, and the positioning of the classroom.

If this is the case, you can still arrange the classroom in the conventional style that has rows of desks arranged one in front of the other and in a lined way.

This is still okay, provided you place objects and decorations that coincide with what the Bagua map requires, but keep this kind of arrangement as a second option.

Designing a Feng Shui Classroom

The best way will always have the classroom arranged in line with the Bagua map zones.

The Feng shui compass should also be employed, as this will indicate the most favorable position according to the eight compass directions.

The information that could be derived here will enable you to find out the best orientation of the classroom and its furnishings.

Another important thing that should be considered is that the teacher must always have a line of vision that will enable him to look in all directions and a position where the back is not turned to the door.

The teacher is the most influential person in the classroom. Even with the design limitation, the desk that he is working on should be according to the Bagua map.

As with any space, sharp corners and protrusions in the wall disturb the flow of chi. Avoid a position whereby students will be in direct line with it.

Do something about open beams, if there are any. The chi flows in such a way that whoever would be positioned directly below the shaft will suffer the extra pressure that is generated in those beams.

Students, especially the younger ones, are good agents of clutter. One of the best things that the teacher has to do is train the kids to avoid cluttering and dirtying the classroom.

A Clutter-free classroom is not only good Feng shui; it is also an assurance that you are putting them out of harm’s way.

Classrooms are often students’ second home. It only fits for them to have a classroom that follows the principles of Feng shui.

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