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5 Tips to Soothe a Crying Baby

When a baby cries, their parents want to soothe them and see what the matter is.

Moms have found ways to calm down the babies and get them to stop crying. These are five of the best tips to help calm a crying baby.

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5 Tips to Soothe a Crying Baby

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1 – Blowing Bubbles

If there is a pack of bubbles close by, they can get a crying baby’s attention and distract them from what is bothering them. Blowing bubbles is fun, and the child will be watching the bubbles.

This can even distract newborns that are crying. Bubbles from the store can be used, or chewing gum can be used to blow bubbles and get the baby’s attention. This can work from when they are babies into their toddler stage.

2 – White Noise

Creating some white noise can help calm down a baby. White noise can be the hairdryer, turning on a fan, or something else that makes a similar sound.

The sound should not be scary for the baby. This noise will help mimic the sounds that a baby got used to hearing in the womb, and it can be soothing.

The noise should not be loud enough to scare the baby but should get their attention.

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3 – Mirrors

When a baby is crying and placed in front of a mirror, it will help calm them down.

The shininess of the mirror will get their attention. Babies may not recognize that they are looking at their reflection, but they will see a baby, and it will get their attention.

This will distract the baby, and they will stop crying to look in the mirror.

4 – Play with the Lights

This is an excellent way to distract a baby when they are crying. Turning the light switch on and off will get their attention, and they will stop crying.

It is a great soothing technique that has been used by moths. When the baby is watching the lights go on and off, it will get their attention.

They will forget why they are crying and will be too busy paying attention to the lights. The baby may even smile from watching this at the home light show.

5 – Vibrations

This movement will help calm down a baby, but a mother will not have to go for a car ride to get the baby to stop crying.

They can buckle the baby in their car seat and put it on top of the washing machine or the dryer.

The mother will need to hold the car seat for safety and be right next to the baby at all times.

When the washer or dryer is running, the baby will have the vibration to soothe it and calm down. The baby may also go to sleep.

These are some tips that can be used to help soothe a crying baby. All of these tips were developed by mothers, and it can be used to help stop a baby from crying and allow them to soothe.

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