Coping With Narcissism

The last thing any narcissist must admit is that they’re wrong and need to change. They’re sure that everyone else needs to change to please them. 

So how do narcissistic people improve their habits?

While many medical professionals believe that narcissists are a tough bunch to be around and treat, they also know changes can be made.

Not all narcissists are extreme, but this doesn’t denote that they are manipulative and have self-inflated egos. 

However, there are moments when narcissistic patients realize and admit that they’re the problem. They may even realize that they have anger issues, overreact at tiny things or that they might even feel insecure.

When this happens, all the angels sing and rejoice.

But know this is a RARITY.

Now, what’s next? 

Next, their therapist sets out steps to help them cope with their narcissism and accept change.

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Coping With Narcissism

Ways these are done:

 Identify what your triggers are and try and change your reaction

It’s essential to know which situations are more likely to aggravate you and give you the urge to lose your temper and overreact.

If you’re always screaming at someone that doesn’t follow your cue to the t, then it’s time to practice a better verbal response. When someone doesn’t follow your order, instead of screaming, tell them that what they’re doing is upsetting you.

Break out a sweat

This is especially effective when you’re extremely upset and annoyed. When we’re angry, we tend to make irrational decisions and behave in terrible ways. 

Not only will working out relieve you of your anger but doing some physical activity when you’re always upset will reset your brain.

You’ll naturally want to go for a walk, jog or run when you’re upset.

Help someone else 

As a narcissist, you’re always looking to benefit from others, which is your most significant disadvantage. When you’re helping out someone else other than yourself, you’ll naturally feel good. 

This is also great because when you’re helping out another person, chances are they’ll commend your great help. This is GREAT. This is a healthy ego boost.

Go to a support group

Those in support groups are there because they want to improve themselves and their overall behavior. When you’re there, you’re surrounded by people who understand the reason why you get frustrated and overreact.

These people know exactly what to do to get the best out of life without using other people, or at least trying their best not to use other people for their gain. You’ll get great tips.

Talk to your loved ones

When talking to your loved ones, ask them what you could do differently to make things better. They’ll be able to give you tips on how you can improve your relationship with them and learn what makes them happy. 

Remember that when they’re happy, they’ll be more likely to listen to you and respect you even more.

Changing your habits as a narcissist is possibly one of the most challenging things you could do, but it’s also one of the bravest and strongest things. 

Developing better behavioral patterns will not only push you forward in life but also improve many other aspects of your life you never thought would.

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