Christian Christmas Crafts For Kids

7 Christian Christmas Crafts For Kids: Christmas 2020

7 Christian Christmas Crafts For Kids: Celebrate Christmas 2020

Many articles are being written about crafts for kids with the holidays quickly approaching, but it can be hard to sort through them and find Christian Christmas crafts. 

I wanted to spend some time compiling a list of seven Christmas craft ideas for Christmas 2020. 

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7 Christian Christmas Crafts For Kids: Celebrate Christmas 2020

Christian Christmas Crafts For Kids
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1 – Stained Glass Nativity 

Directions: Start by printing and cutting out your nativity silhouette. Then layout your contact paper with the sticky side facing up. 

Carefully place your tissue paper squares inside the nativity silhouette to make it look like stained glass. 

When you’re finished, place another piece of contact paper on top and then trim around the nativity. 

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2 – Stable Ornament 

Directions: Start by painting your popsicle sticks white if you want them to be white. If you don’t want them to be white, skip this step. 

Next, cut your star out of your white paper. Lay one popsicle stick flat for your floor and glue two popsicle sticks on either end; these are your walls. 

Next, use two popsicle sticks for your roof. Glue the star in the middle of the top. Lastly, glue your string onto the back so you can hang it up. 

3 – Star of Bethlehem Ornament

Directions: Start by removing all of the springs from your clothespins. Then glue two of your clothespins back to back. 

Do this with the rest of your large clothespins. They will be used as the rays for your stars. 

Next, glue four large rays together at 90-degree angles. This will be the base for your star. 

Continue doing this until all of your large clothespins are made into bases. Then do the same thing with your small clothespins. 

Your small clothespins will become the tops of your stars. Finally, glue your tops on to your bases, 

4 – Paper Plate Angel 

Directions: Trace your child’s handprints on the pink construction paper and cut them out. 

Then color one side of your paper plate brown and color the other side of the paper plate red. The brown side will be the angel’s body, and the red side will be the angel’s dress. 

Next, with the brown side facing up, fold the left and the right sides of the plate down to make the dress. 

Net, cut a circle out of the brown and white construction paper and make the angel’s face. Glue the face to the top of the plate. 

Lastly, glue your child’s handprints on either side of the paper plate to make the angel’s wings. 

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5 – Baby Jesus Ornament

Directions: Punch a hole in the top of the paper plate and then fold the plate’s bottom one-third of the way up. 

Next, fold both sides of the paper plate in and staple them down. Glue the baby’s face near the top of the plate. 

Lastly, put your string through the hole and tie it. 

6 – Jesus in a Manger

Directions: To make the manger, use brown paint to create a handprint. After it dries, turn the page, so your handprint is upside down. 

Next, use your paintbrush and yellow paint to make a pile of hay in the palm of the handprint. 

Then, after that dries, use your blue and white paint to make a small baby wrapped in a blanket. After it’s thoroughly dried, use your sharpie to create the face. 

7 – Footprint Nativity

Directions: Start by using blue paint to paint the sky. Next, use your fork and your yellow color to make the hay. 

Then, use your paintbrush and black paint to make the manger. 

Then, use the red paint to make the bodies (their clothing) and the white and brown paints for the heads and the hair. 

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