Changing Diapers Tips

5 Changing Diapers Tips: Poopy Diaper Change

5 Changing Diapers Tips: Poopy Diaper Change

Changing a poop diaper is never fun. There are some steps to follow to make this process easier for all involved.

5 Changing Diapers Tips: Poopy Diaper Change

Changing Diapers Tips
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Step 1: Before laying the baby down, make sure all of the needed supplies are within grabbing distance.

This includes a new diaper, plenty of wipes, cream for the baby’s bottom, and a bag to put the soiled diaper in.

Step 2: Put the baby down on the changing surface and detach the strips of the diaper.

Step 3: Place the front of the dirty diaper under the baby.

It should be folded. The baby can then be wiped. This will help avoid getting any poop on the surface, including the hands.

Step 4: Remove the diaper thoroughly and put it in the bag.

Wipe the baby from front to back. Put the baby wipes in the bag along with the dirty diaper. Apply the cream to the bottom if needed.

Step 5: Put a clean diaper under the baby and find the adhesive strips.

They should be tighter. The diaper should sit below the belly button. Once the baby has been picked up again, it is essential to wash or sanitize the hands.

These are some tips for changing a poop diaper. While it is not a fun task, a caregiver needs to learn how to do it.

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