The Top 10 Cartoon Moms

How many mothers are willing to admit that they sometimes enjoy watching cartoons just as much, if not more than their kids? 

Now that I’m an adult, I’ve noticed that in many cartoons (even the ones specifically made for children), they sneak in a lot of adult humor that children don’t necessarily understand. 

The cartoons that I grew up watching are different, of course, from the ones that my children are growing up watching, and now that I’m an adult, I’ve discovered a lot more humor in these cartoons. 

I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my ten favorite cartoon moms. 

The Top 10 Cartoon Moms

1. Cartoon: Rugrats

Cartoon Moms

Mother’s Name: Didi Pickles

Date show aired: August 11, 1991

Personality: She can be assertive when she needs to be, but she is also very loving and caring. She’s incredibly supportive of her husband’s crazy ideas and inventions. 

Shows creator: Arlene Klasky

2. Cartoon: Bob’s Burgers

Cartoon Moms

Mother’s name: Linda Belcher

Date show aired: January 9, 2011

Personality: She can be a bit annoying and a pushover, but she does her best to take care of her children and her husband, who are often a bit goofy and odd. 

Shows creator: Loren Bouchard

3. Cartoon: Flintstones

Cartoon Moms

Mother’s name: Wilma Flintstone

Date show aired: September 30, 1960

Personality: Wilma Flintstone is exceptionally patient and loving. She’s often submissive and does her best to care for her husband, who is always coming up with new, crazy ideas. 

Shows creator: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera 

4. Cartoon: South Park

Cartoon Moms

Mother’s name: Sheila Broflovski 

Date show aired: August 13, 1997

Personality: She has a very supportive and outgoing personality, and does her best to care for her biological child and adoptive child. Cartman usually puts her down. 

Shows creator: Trey Parker and Matt Stone

5. Cartoon: The Jetsons

Cartoon Moms

Mother’s name: Jane Jetson

Date show aired: September 23, 1962

Personality: Even though this cartoon is set in the future, Jane Jetson still plays a submissive, kind, and supportive homemaker. She is always trying to help things go as smoothly as possible for her husband, George. 

Shows creator: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera 

6. Cartoon: The Proud Family

Cartoon Moms

Mother’s name: Trudy Proud

Date show aired: September 15, 2001

Personality: Trudy Proud is a very caring woman who takes a lot of pride in nurturing her husband and children. She comes from a wealthy family but doesn’t let that change who she is. 

Shows creator: Bruce W. Smith

7. Cartoon: The Simpsons

Cartoon Moms

Mother’s name: Marge Simpson

Date show aired: April 19, 1987

Personality: Marge Simpson cannot be praised enough for the amount of stress she needs to put up with daily. She is kind and genuine and does her best to love and support her husband, Homer, despite all of his nonsense. 

Shows creator: Matt Groening

8. Cartoon: Dexter’s Laboratory

Cartoon Moms

Mother’s name: Mom

Date show aired: April 27, 1996

Personality: I’m not sure why this woman wasn’t even given a proper name, but she plays a good homemaker and is supportive of her children’s shenanigans. She’s also terrified of germs and is always wearing gloves. 

Shows creator: Genndy Tartakovsky

9. Cartoon: Doug

Cartoon Moms

Mother’s name: Theda Funnie

Date show aired: August 11, 1991

Personality: Sometimes, she plays a homemaker, and sometimes she plays a working mother as well. She can be a bit clumsy and is usually very timid. 

Shows creator: Jim Jinkins

10.  Cartoon: Family Guy

Cartoon Moms

Mother’s name: Lois Griffin

Date show aired: January 31, 1999

Personality: This woman is not given enough credit for the amount she needs to deal with from her husband, Peter. She sometimes lets her temper get the best of her, but she tries her best to be kind and gentle and supportive of her family. 

Shows Creator: Seth MacFarlane 

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment about your favorite mom cartoon!

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