Can a toxic person change

Can A Toxic Person Change?

Can a toxic person change who they are for their significant other? Is it possible that a toxic person can change for marriage, kids, or real and true love?

The answer to this is, YES.

Toxic people can change.

Just like a snake that sheds its old skin. Or a chameleon who changes its body color to adapt to its environment. Or an Anglerfish who looks like it has a beaming light on its forehead.

Toxic people can change and in the ways that I have described above.

I hope you get that this was sarcasm.

Toxic people change but only for the sole reason for GETTING WHAT THEY WANT.

Just like a snake sheds it’s skin is still a SNAKE, so too is a toxic person putting on a smile and acting nice, they are still a TOXIC PERSON.

These people do not change for the better; they change only to get what they want out of people.

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