Bold Faced Lie

Why Narcissist Tell You Bold Faced Lie & Think Nothing Of It

Lying, for many mature and rational adults, is very childish and dishonorable. However, to a narc telling a bold faced lie means they are smart!

Narcissistic people genuinely believe they are Einsteins among cave dwellers! They have little next to NO RESPECT for their partners and feel that lying is perfectly okay if it will further their motives to get something!

This is why the narcissist in your life lies to you and think NOTHING OF IT!

Why Narcissist Tell You Bold Faced Lie & Think Nothing Of It

Bold Faced Lie

#1 – They Don’t Value Your Feelings

To narcissistic people, we are not human beings with our own lives, goals, and dreams.

We are just tools for their use and DISPOSAL!

#2 – They Think You Are Stupid

A lie is just a means for them to get what they want without having to explain anything to us!

#3 – Everyone Lies

In their minds, “because everyone is doing it”, they think it is okay to do it as well!

#4 – They Want Their Cake and Want To Eat It To

They want their cake (us to do something) and eat it to (us doing it without the option of NO being inserted)!

They Don’t Care About You

Narcissists do not care about people; they care about what others can do for them. If lying to you will give them what THEY WANT, they will lie to you.

They are kidults, people who are like children.

A child who wants something will do anything, including lie, to get it — and so too will a narcissist!

Walk away from people who don’t have enough to RESPECT YOU AS A PERSON! You deserve more!

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