Best Christmas DIY Gifts

The Best Christmas DIY Gifts

The Best Christmas DIY Gifts 

Buying Christmas gifts is overrated! Making gifts for your family and friends is the real deal since they are more genuine. 

Besides, you get to save many bucks considering you make the gifts using raw materials available in your home or affordable. 

The making process may take a while, but I am sure you will enjoy it. 

So, if you wish to switch and make gifts for your guests and family, here are top DIY gifts to consider making.

The Best Christmas DIY Gifts

Best Christmas DIY Gifts
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1 – Gingerbread Fudge With Christmas Sprinkles

Christmas is all about making merry, enjoying different foods, and enjoying family and friends company, right? 

Well, you can extend the food fun by gifting your guests with these amazingly easy to make gingerbread fudges. 

All you need is white chocolate, milk, and the gingerbread combo, and you will be good to go. 

Your guests can’t resist the ginger, cinnamon, and white chocolate taste that blends so perfectly. 

Top up the gifts by sprinkling sprinkles in different Christmas colors. 

I would also advise such a gift if you expect many guests, mainly kids, since the snacks are healthy and yummy.

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2 – Oreo Christmas Chocolate Coal

If you have a few of your friends who have a sweet tooth for chocolate, this is a great gift pack to prepare for them. 

Making this Orea coal takes a few seconds since you need a few ingredients like Oreos, block cream cheese, softened, semisweet or melting chocolate, and cocoa powder.

How To Make It

  • Start by crumbling the Oreos using a food processor and mix it with the cream cheese  
  • Then make balls of the mixture by scooping with a spoon, arrange them on a tray and refrigerate 
  • Melt your chocolate and then dip each ball into the melted chocolate and make sure the chocolate rolls all around
  • Then sprinkle the cocoa powder and set aside to stick before packing in your gift bags.

3 – Gingerbread Body Butter

This is a great idea to treat your ladies friends to Christmas gifts. 

I am sure they will love this fantastic ad nourishing body moisturizer. 

It would help if you had shea butter, coconut oil, ground ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla essence.

How To Make It

  • Melt the coconut oil and the shea butter under medium heat in a pan
  • Put the mixture in a bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes
  • Then remove from fridge and add gingerbread ingredients, plus vanilla essence
  • Mix well using hands
  • Then scoop the body butter in jars, seal, and pack

4 – Mason Jar Candles

Who doesn’t love candles in their room or house? 

Surprisingly making candles is relatively easy since you need quite a few ingredients. 

Besides, you can opt to make scented ones that add a great aroma to the room. 

So, melt the candle wax and mix it with different scents of your choice.

How To Make It

  • Install the candle wicks in the middle of the mason jars and ensure it is long such that it hangs on the edges of the mason jars
  • Then melt the candle wax by following the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it is well done, and you use the right melting gears
  • Ones the wax melts, stir in your scents and do it thoroughly until you can feel the smell spread in the entire room
  • Then gently pour the candle into the mason jars and shape them to fit well in the jar
  • Leave the mixture to dry for a few hours or better overnight
  • Trim the candle wick to the right size and then decorate the candle’s edges with Christmas ribbons and pack them.

5 – Homemade Face Masks

Face masks are basic needs at the moment, considering everyone needs them for safety purposes. 

So, if you have some craft skills in sewing, you can put it to work by making your guests some friendly class face masks. 

Just find some cute fabric that has breathable materials and Christmas colors and get to work. 

You may also need to buy extra accessories like elastic bands for holding the masks.


These are some of the easy to make DIY gifts you can gift your family and friends this Christmas. The raw materials are affordable and readily available in different outlets as well.

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