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The Best Baby Massage For Sleep

This guide will explain the steps to ensuring you can give the best baby massage for sleep possible. The baby massage for sleep that any mom can do!

The Best Baby Massage For Sleep

Best Baby Massage
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Firstly, it is a great idea to have soothing music on in the background to set the baby massage’s right atmosphere.

You can pour a tiny bit of baby oil into your hands and start rubbing your baby’s feet, to begin with.

Gently talking to your baby will also put them to sleep as soon as possible.

The Best Baby Massage For Sleep

The thumb movement works great for this in which you should massage the top of the foot in circular motions.

This form of massaging should be carried on throughout the whole body in which the last place will be the head. Gently massaging the skin and muscles of the baby will increase blood circulation.

The face is a susceptible area, so you must be gentle. Slowly massage their forehead and eyebrows, then using your thumbs, gently massage around the eye area.

Also, rub the cheeks in a circular motion, then nose and lips.

You can make circular motions with your fingers behind the ears and earlobes, which should be very soothing for your baby.

Finally, you can speak in a soothing voice telling your baby that it has been a great experience giving the best baby massage for sleep.

This process should be done daily. The more your baby gets used to the massage and connects with you, the quicker they should fall asleep.

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