Being Single

The Joys Of Being Single

The Joys Of Being Single by Anonymous

Would you like to fall in love with yourself?

You’ll have a little more time when you’re single

A single woman has the best chance to mingle

So you can meet, discard or take yourself on a date

Being single is not a burden

It’s a time for your best choice

It’s time to utilize your voice

To tell the world who you really are

Finding your soul when you are single

Is a common occurrence as you are free

It gives you the chance to peer in and see

Would you really just give this up in a heart beat?

Not everyone is great with a partner

You could soon find yourself wanting another

Don’t end up being just like someone’s bad mother

And allow yourself time to really find the right one

Single woman can really have great careers

You don’t need children to complete you

Sometimes child rearing can lead to defeat too

You don’t have to have kids to be happy

There’s a lot that could be said on the joys of being single

If you haven’t given it a chance, you won’t know

Imagine an unhappy husband and five kids in tow

And then you will become acquainted will how good you have it.

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