Bathroom Cleaning Hacks


5 Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

The 5 Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks. Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming.

If you do a little tidying up in the bathroom every day, the clutter and dirt won’t pile up, and you won’t have to spend your Saturdays on tackling the entire bathroom. 

It also helps find a useful bathroom cleaning checklist and post it on the bathroom door to remind you of all the tasks that will keep it clean and organized. 

You should use a bathroom cleaning brush to clean the toilet, and you can use white vinegar to clean the inside of it. Here are five cool hacks to get rid of dirty bathrooms.

5 Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

1. Sanitize Your Toilet Bowl with Liquid Detergent – Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

If you’re trying to cut down on the pricey cleaning products you use, skip the toilet bowl cleaner and use your favorite liquid laundry detergent instead. 

Unlike toilet bowl cleaner, you’ll have more laundry detergent on hand since you use it regularly. Also, the detergent’s scent will make your toilet smell great, and you can even wash your bathroom sink or tub with it.

NOTE: There are some people who swear by this hack and then there are some who argue against this hack. Use at your won discretion! Learn more in this article here.

2. Deep Clean It Periodically

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Of course, you would typically do a surface cleaning of your bathroom every week, but you will need to deep clean it periodically for it to be spotless. 

Some of the tasks that are a part of deep cleaning dirty bathrooms include cleaning the bathroom walls and ceilings, get rid of the excess mildew around the shower area, decluttering your bathroom’s cabinets and shelves, and mopping the whole bathroom floor.

3. Don’t Forget the Bathroom Mirror – Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

We often focus on cleaning the toilet, sink, floor, and tub that we forget to clean the bathroom mirror. 

To reduce streaks when cleaning it, start by applying rubbing alcohol to the mirror so that you’ll get rid of any stains that appear on it. 

Use a cotton pad or microfiber cloth to clean the mirror since paper towels often cause streaks.

4. Delegate Tasks

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

If there is more than one bathroom in your home, reduce the stress by having your kids share the load. 

Assign them the task of cleaning their bathrooms and demonstrate how the bathroom should be cleaned. Post a bathroom cleaning checklist on the kids’ bathroom door and offer fun rewards each time they do it thoroughly. 

You can also have your spouse do his part by assigning specific tasks. Maybe he can scrub the toilet with the cleaning brush or wash the bathroom curtains when needed.

5. Wash Any Smelly Towels and Bathroom Rugs – Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Have you noticed any smelly odors in the bathroom even after you sprayed with air freshener? 

Then it could be because you have smelly towels and rugs in the room. Remove the rugs and towels and wash them. This will keep your bathroom smelling great for weeks. 

In conclusion, these useful and straightforward hacks will help you have a clean and organized bathroom every week. 

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