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37 Bad Baby Names To Avoid Giving Your Baby

We all understand the need to give your baby a great name, but there are many bad baby names out there that you will want to avoid!

There are some names that are banned, an example being Ad*lf Hitl*r!

In Germany this name is banned, but it is accepted in some countries, such as America!

If you don’t want your kid to get unnecessary cruelty for their name, then consider avoiding some of the names below!

37 Bad Baby Names To Avoid Giving Your Baby

Bad Baby Names
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1) Merica

2) Jerica

3) Reighleigh

4) Melanomia

5) Vejonica

6) Phelony

7) Abstinence

8) Jihad

9) Clitis

10) Meldor

11) Zuma

12) Jammy

13) Mazen

14) Jermajesty

15) Blanket

16) D’Artagnan

17) Sadman

18) Princecharles

19) Appaloosa

20) Orgasm

21) Abcde

22) Beberly

23) Elizabreth

24) Love-child Ermengarde

25) I’munique

26) Hellzel

27) Ahmiracle

Precious Baby Girl Names

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