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4 Baby Its Cold Outside Baby Shower Ideas

4 Baby Its Cold Outside Baby Shower Ideas

Pregnancy is a time for great excitement, but it’s also a time for a lot of change and preparation. 

To celebrate and to help prepare for the new addition, many people have a baby shower. 

For baby showers in the colder months, many people start to look for baby its cold outside baby shower ideas. 

4 Baby Its Cold Outside Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Its Cold Outside Baby Shower Ideas
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There are many great baby its cold outside baby shower ideas, some of which include: 

Snow Baby Building 

One fun idea for a baby its cold outside baby shower would be to build snowman babies. 

This can be done by stacking marshmallows and having guests decorate them with various miniature baby favors, like tiny rattles and doll bottles. 

Whoever makes the best baby may win a special little prize. This is a great way to get your guests involved festively. 

Snowcone Station 

Another fun addition to a baby its cold outside baby shower would be a snow cone station. 

Snowcone machines can be rented, or even bought, for a fair price. Have guests choose from colors and flavors. 

If pairing this with a gender reveal, the snowcone color could help with the reveal. 

Ugly Sweater Contest 

Ugly sweater contests aren’t only for Christmas parties; they could also be adapted for a winter baby shower. 

Include on your invitations to wear a baby or pregnancy themed ugly sweater, bonus points if it’s winter-related. 

This is a fun and memorable way to get people excited and have a few laughs. 

Baby Wrapping Contest 

A little unconventional, having a baby wrapping contest, instead of a swaddling game, could be the perfect addition and baby its cold outside baby shower idea. 

Have guests wrap baby dolls in wrapping paper; whoever wraps the baby and trims the bow fastest wins! This is sure to bring laughs and create memories. 

There are many great babies; it’s cold outside baby shower ideas. No matter which ideas are implemented, the most important thing is to have fun, get creative, enjoy this time with family and friends, and enjoy the baby shower. 

Baby showers could still be fun and delightful, even if the weather outside is frightful. 

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