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6 Amazing Free Ways To Combat Your Anxiousness

6 Amazing Free Ways To Combat Your Anxiousness

It is NO FUN being anxious all of the time. Anxiousness can interfere with life in so many ways!

Such as, but not limited to:

  • Finding and maintaining a healthy relationship – it is not uncommon for many people who have anxiety to sabotage their relationship or to attach themselves to a toxic narcissistic partner who feeds on their anxiety!
  • Keeping that promotion – the fear that we may not be smart enough to handle all this new work and responsibility can be CRUSHING and encompassing!
  • Making new friends – the fear that people may not like us…can be a huge blow to our ego and make us feel as if we are no one and nothing!

Anxiety, at it’s extreme, can also be considered a disability! It can actually prohibit a person from working, meeting new people, and even leaving their homes!

In this article, you will learn 6 FREE METHODS you can do today to reduce your anxiety!

If you feel as if your anxiety is too much to bear than consider speaking with a therapist to get to the root of the issue.

6 Amazing Free Ways To Combat Your Anxiousness

1 – Yell! Let That Frustration, Anger, and Anxiousness Out


Grab yourself a pillow, or maybe two, and plant your face in the pillow and yell as loud as you can. Getting that negativity out of yoru system can do wonders for you!

2 – Start Exercising: Walking, Sprinting, Swimming


Exercising has long been known to have a myriad of beneficial qualities for not only the body but the mind as well. Swimming is such an example of this!

“Swimming is the ideal way to meditate and bring your mind to a place of balance.” – Psychology Today

3 – Stop With The Caffeine…Consider Tea


“A 2008 studyTrusted Source showed how caffeine increases alertness by blocking a brain chemical (adenosine) that makes you feel tired, while at the same time triggering the release of adrenalin that’s known to increase energy.” – Healthline

Caffeine can actually also cause something known as caffeine-induced anxiety.

4 – Get Enough Rest


Lack of sleep can lead to many negative side effects, with one of them being, a person developing anxiety!

5 – Learn To Say “NO”!


Now, this may be one of the most challenging methods/tips/hacks on this list, but saying “NO” helps to slowly make you more assertive. And learning how to be assertive is a GREAT way to develop a sense of courage!

6 – Listen To Relaxing Music


Listening to chill, relaxing, and calm music can help to reduce anxiety!

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