Signs Of An Abusive Boyfriend

The Psychologist and Her Narcissists: A Guide to Surviving Toxic Relationships

How can you overcome a toxic relationship? One where you often find yourself afraid, confused and feeling betrayed? One where you are constantly walking on eggshells?

Or one where there seems to be no way out?

This is a book about relationships, childhood trauma and healing. The people in this book are a real-life demonstration of what happens when we ignore the red flags in our relationships, overlook our childhood traumas and neglect our own healing process.

Read about the traits of narcissism with real-life examples drawn from the life of a female Psychologist, as she retells the story of her two narcissistic lovers and the relationships she had with them back to back.

Discover the difference between a covert and an overt narcissist. Learn how to identify and then heal your own childhood traumas.

Develop a self-care practice with therapy tools such as CBT and Mindfulness. Repair the emotional damage that you may have suffered as a result of living with or loving a narcissist.

Finally, be encouraged that you can and will overcome abuse and reclaim your life.

In this book, Psychologist Jenny Tamasi shares her journey of overcoming not one but two toxic relationships with narcissistic lovers; one after the other.

Jenny takes a long deep look at the common and not so common traits of narcissists and courageously shines a light on her own childhood traumas in an effort to claim her healing.

After meeting, falling in love and then leaving these toxic relationships, Jenny is now ready to reveal: The Red Flags that she missed both times, The Love Bombing, that kept her in the cycle of abuse, Gaslighting that caused confusion and doubt. The healing techniques that helped her find her way out.

The truth of why it all happened in the first place.

Pick up the book here to learn more.

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